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The Importance of Flexible Tooling Systems for Precision Manufacturing

Much of the world’s technology depends on precision manufacturing. In turn, precision manufacturing depends on flexible tooling systems. What are these two concepts, and how are they related? Advanced Machine Works is here to explain.

What is Precision Manufacturing?

Precision manufacturing utilizes programmed machinery to make parts of a product. As its name suggests, precision manufacturing demands an extreme level of accuracy so that the pieces of the final product fit and function properly. 

“Precision machining is a process that removes excess, raw material from a work-piece, while holding close tolerance finishes, to create a finished product,” explains Goodwin University, adding, “From the production of automobiles to surgical devices and aircraft parts, precision machining is involved in every technology and industry. So, basically – if a product contains parts, it required some precision machining.”

Yes, precision manufacturing is instrumental to nearly every industry and plays a key role in putting everyday items in hand. One key part of precision manufacturing is what are called flexible tooling systems.

How Flexible Tooling Systems Aid in Precision Manufacturing

Flexible tooling systems are a series of actuators with effectors that hold onto the material so that it can be cut to specifications. Traditionally, the actuators of flexible tooling systems have a network of powered parts within and require manual verification to ensure the material is being held at the precise position necessary for cutting. 

The challenge with precision manufacturing is that most parts are not flat – they have curved edges that need to be held securely in place while drilled, trimmed, cut, or whatever needs to be done to them.

Unfortunately, many existing flexible tooling technologies don’t offer the flexibility to adapt efficiently to various shapes. Many flexible tooling systems are overly complex, limited in unreliable, inefficient, and costly. Is there a better solution to precision manufacturing?

Revolutionary Flexible Tooling System for Precision Manufacturing

Advanced Machine Works has developed a cutting-edge flexible tooling system called AccuLoc6. It’s not just marginally better than traditional machine tooling – it’s leaps and bounds beyond, with unrivaled efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and verifiability. 


Additionally, this flexible tooling system is revolutionary in the field of precision manufacturing because of its simplicity. There are no powered parts, electronics, or motors, making it resistant to environmental wear and tear and allowing it to excel in even harsh environments. 

Industries of all types can benefit from this advanced machine tooling technology, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive and Electric Vehicles
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Technology
  • More

The AccuLoc6 system is truly flexible in every sense. This system is made to adapt to existing machine cells and facilities, not the other way around. 

The initial investment to implement AccuLoc6 represents significant savings when compared to the installation and upkeep of traditional systems, which are limited in use and often require significant facility modifications. Beyond that, this durable system can withstand long-term exposure to even waterjet environments since there are no electronic components.

Ready to find out more about how AccuLoc6 can transform your precision manufacturing operation? Download a free factsheet or get in touch.

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