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The world’s most accurate large-scale flexible manufacturing system.

The next generation of precision positioning systems.

Featuring our Motion Platform & Guide Drive System.

AccuCell6 can be combined with our AccuLoc6 work support system to create a Flexible Manufacturing System suitable for the world’s most demanding large-scale parts systems (monolithic parts). When paired with our Acculoc6 Flexible Tooling system, the Accucell6 Gantry system can create a highly accurate and flexible manufacturing solution. The pallets of the Acculoc6 Flexible Tooling system can be loaded externally, then moved into the Accucell6 Gantry system for processing.

Industry Leading Features

Unmatched volumetric accuracy

Zero backlash

Repeatable & correctable compensation on all axis

Micron accuracy

Patent-pending drive system for extreme precision

6-Axis head with interchangeable attachments

Easy Installation

Minimal foundation requirements (the lighter weight system eliminates the need for complex and costly foundations)

Precise Positioning

AccuCell6 was designed for maximum precision without the drawbacks of existing large precision gantry systems. We have adapted industry proven technologies and created new patent-pending drive systems to create a revolutionary gantry system. Not only is our system extremely precise over large volumetric areas, but it also eliminates many of the drawbacks associated with existing precision gantry systems.

Our precision comes from smart design features and technology, rather than extensive machining and overbuilding. This makes our system more adaptable, easier to implement, and more usable than existing systems.


AccuCell6 has been engineered to perform for thousands of hours with low maintenance, while maintaining its accuracy standards. All wear parts designed to perform without degradation and without losses in precision.
The precision of the AccuCell6 comes from a design and components that have repeatable performance, and then coupling those parts with a controller that can compensate for any variations on the fly. Recalibrating the machine becomes a very easy process and does not require any expensive machining.


AccuCell6 was designed to be used in a variety of applications. With its interchangeable head and tooling, AccuCell6 can perform measurement, setup, and production tasks with ease.
Adaptive Manufacturing: Making Precision Parts from Imperfect Stock Materials
Inspect – Adapt – Machine – Assemble
AccuCell6 is well suited to tackle complex manufacturing tasks associated with large carbon fiber parts. AccuCell6 can scan an unfinished carbon fiber part using a laser measurement tool. AccuCell6 can then adapt the AccuLoc6 work supports to the part and place them precisely in all 6 axis. Finally, AccuCell6 can change to a cutter head to modify the part using the adaptive design created from the part scan.


AccuCell6 relies on technology, rather than machined bulk steel, to give us our precision. By eliminating thousands of pounds of steel needed for other precision gantry systems, we have made our system more efficient to install and operate. Gone are the days of complex and massive foundation systems to support a precision gantry – AccuCell6 can be installed with very minimal foundation requirements. And because AccuCell6 is performing its work without moving so much steel, our utility requirements are also much lower than comparable systems.











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