Advanced Machine Works

Efficient & Economic

A single AccuLoc6 System can service multiple cutting machines, assembly cells, and transportation platforms. Adaptable to any size facility or project, AccuLoc6 drastically increases the utilization of expensive assets.

Fully Automated – This premium fixture-building call features fully-automated pallet assembly, positioning,and verification. It functions fully unattended, ensuring absolute accuracy while also reducing operation time and labor cost.

Semi-Automated – This fixture-building cell delivers automated assembly, positioning, and verification. Operation is overseen by a single attendant, delivering the premium value in a cost-effective package.

Modular and Adaptable

Reduced Operation Time

Reduced Labor Cost

Example of a facility using AccuLoc6 to service multiple machining and assembly cells - one application among a variety of others.
Diagram showing a conceptual manufacturing facility, depicting the use of an AccuLoc6 system with cutting, assembly, and transportation platforms.
An AGV (or other transportation method) facilitates the movement of pallets to and from an AccuLoc6 adjusting cell.
Closeup of an AccuLoc6 automated adjusting head, which positions and locks each work support and end effector.
Composite wing skin for a commercial airliner being held by an array of work support pallets.
Modular pallet arrays can hold multiple parts of varying size and shape, including those with concave surfaces and 90° angles.
Multiple end effectors (shown: single round, double, and part-locating) work in tandem to create a comprehensive tooling solution.
Double end effectors mounted on standard pallets tilt 90°, a capability previously available only from limited-use winged tables or by manually installing adapters.
AccuLoc6 system holding a composite wing spar for a commercial airliner.
Fuselage panel is held from its concave surface, a capability which previously required hard tooling.
An end view of the concave fuselage panel, made possible by the C-axis adjustability of single round end effectors.
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