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The Cost Savings of a Long-Lasting Tooling System: Why It’s Worth the Investment

The machine tooling market in the US is on the up. It reached $10.8 billion in 2022 and is projected to rise by 4.5% by 2028. To remain competitive and produce high-quality parts that precision industries can rely on, every manufacturer needs a tooling system that’s up to the job.

They represent a major investment, and choosing the right one is crucial. It pays to invest in a tooling system that will last for several reasons. Read on to learn more.

1. Cost-effective

A long-lasting tooling system is unlikely to be the cheapest at the outset. However, it will soon begin to repay you. High-quality systems break down less often and should not need to be replaced for years. This reduces everyday running costs and future outlays.

Crucially, it also reduces downtime. In 2022, Forbes estimated that downtime costs US industrial manufacturers $50 billion a year. That’s almost five times the size of the entire US machine tooling market going down the drain on wasted time and productivity. No wonder investing in the most durable tooling system you can afford makes financial sense.

2. Boost Productivity

A robust tooling system that works day in and day out is going to have a huge impact on your production rate. Your workers will be able to focus on their main jobs rather than wasting time due to tool failures or replacing failed parts. You’ll watch your efficiency rates skyrocket, leading to higher output and more satisfied customers.

3. Replicable Results

Consistency and reliability are the lifeblood of the tooling industry. When you’ve committed to producing parts with microscopic accuracy for life-saving machinery, there is no margin for error. Long-lasting tooling systems are built to deliver accurate results on a consistent basis.

The best tooling systems have no moving parts and are, therefore, unaffected by moisture and dust. With no electronics to fail, they deliver consistent results, time after time. The AccuLoc6 flexible tooling system is a prime example of this. It features a single threaded component and four bolts, which can be tightened to lock rigidly in place. The result is a tooling system that is absolutely reliable.

4. More Sustainable

Every business needs to take its environmental impact seriously these days. It matters to consumers, from individuals to corporations, and longer-lasting tooling systems fit the bill perfectly. If a system lasts longer, by definition, it does less harm to the planet. It uses fewer raw materials, less energy, and produces less carbon than replacing your tooling system every few years.

5. Reputation Building

To build a strong relationship with your customers, you need a tooling system you can rely on. Reliable systems allow you to get orders out on time, avoiding quality issues and downtime holdups.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Machine Works

At Advanced Machine Works, we believe if something’s worth making, it’s worth making right. Our patent-pending AccuLoc6 flexible tooling system outperforms other systems in terms of reliability, efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy.

Call us today at (918) 884-3750 or contact us online to find out why our tooling systems are the right solution for your business.

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