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How a Flexible Tooling System Can Improve Efficiency and Reduce Downtime

With costs for raw materials skyrocketing in many places, the last thing engineering companies need is lots of unscheduled downtime. Unfortunately, if your systems keep letting you down, this can soon become one of your business’s most significant expenses.

A 2021 report found that large facilities lost 27 hours a month due to unplanned machine outages. The cost per hour? A staggering $532,000! The automotive sector is particularly vulnerable to this kind of downtime.

No business can afford to continue working with systems that continually let the side down and put a dent in profits. The solution is a flexible tooling system that keeps going day in and day out.

Tackling the Causes of Machine Failure

For too long, engineering firms have settled for marginal improvements or systems that simply break down less frequently than their predecessors. But what if we turn that on its head and go back to basics? That involves reimagining each part of a flexible tooling system and building it so that it is highly unlikely to go wrong.

No Electronics

We rely on electronics each day, but as we all know, they’re prone to failure. This is especially true as they get older and are rendered obsolete. Plus, they’re susceptible to damage from water and dust. But instead, imagine a flexible tooling system with no electronics to go wrong. Add to that no motors or powered parts at all. What can go wrong?

Simple, Reliable Engineering

That’s exactly how AccuLoc6 works. It uses tried and true engineering – simple, precision-engineered parts – to create a system that is locked securely in place by tightening four bolts and just one threaded component. This technology has stood the test of time and can go on delivering results for your company year after year.

Maximize Production, Minimize Costs

Adaptability may not be your greatest concern if your production facility only makes one component. However, the majority of facilities need to adapt constantly. The AccuLoc6 can adapt to multiple cutting machines, assembly cells, and transportation platforms. This means that your expensive machinery can be deployed more fully.

Additionally, this flexible tooling system does not require constant supervision. This allows you to reduce your labor costs without sacrificing quality or accuracy. 

An accurate flexible tooling machine also reduces costs. It reduces the need to rework or scrap substandard components. As a result, you can maximize overall equipment effectiveness and boost your bottom line.

AccuLoc6: The Latest Innovation in Flexible Tooling Systems

Flexible tooling systems allow your facility to adapt rapidly to customer demands without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency. The AccuLoc6 and AccuCell6 systems have been developed on the back of years of experience in what works and what doesn’t work in the world of precision machining.

These systems can help your facility achieve outstanding volumetric accuracy with zero backlash. The best part is that you can repeat these results time and time again with easy installation and minimal downtime.

If you’re ready to learn more about what Advanced Machine Work’s systems can do for you, reach out online or call today at (918) 884-3750.

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