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Advantages of Using a Flexible Tooling System: How It Can Help Your Business

The US manufacturing industry is under more pressure than ever before. According to Forbes, there are now 25% fewer manufacturing businesses in the US than in 1997. In order to compete, survive, and thrive in this challenging environment, your business needs to be agile.

The problem is that agility and manufacturing are historically two terms at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, if you choose the right flexible tooling system, you can increase production and adapt to new challenges without sacrificing quality. 

Let’s explore these and other advantages of using a flexible tooling system.

Adapt and Thrive

We’re all operating in a rapidly changing business environment. Using a flexible tooling system allows you to meet those challenges head-on. 

In this context, flexible means 6-axis adjustability, providing 100% coverage. The best tooling systems can be adjusted to hold parts of virtually any size and shape, meaning that flexible truly means flexible. Look for a system that features automatic verification. This cuts down on labor time, reduces the possibility of human error, and results in huge time savings.

Additionally, a high level of flexibility means your facility can collaborate with a wider range of clients. You will be able to pitch for new projects, confident that your facility has the necessary tools for innovative or experimental enterprises.

Service Multiple Machines

Manufacturing machinery is seriously expensive. To keep costs down and maximize the utility of your most expensive equipment, you need a flexible tooling system that can fit multiple transportation platforms, assembly cells, and cutting machines.

Top-of-the-range flexible tooling systems repay your investment by allowing you to increase the utilization of these assets. You can increase productivity while reducing labor costs and operation time.

Superior Quality

Every manufacturing business lives and dies by the quality of its products. Microns matter, especially in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical manufacturing.  

Beware of tooling systems that do not have lockable end effectors. They require manual verification and do not work with spindle probes. These traditional systems are costly in labor and time and increase the likelihood of human error. 

Superior flexible tooling systems feature:

  • End effectors that lock in place
  • Automatic verification
  • Complete accuracy day in and day out

This type of flexible tooling system ensures that you produce precision parts in volume, meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Choosing a Superior Flexible Tooling System

Flexible tooling systems can boost your bottom line through innovation, flexibility, increased productivity, and outstanding precision. However, not all tooling systems are created equal.

At Advanced Machine Works, we identified four major current issues with other flexible tooling systems. Our AccuLoc6 system addresses them all. Among other innovations, it features:

  • Lockable end effectors
  • No electronics or motors to fail or be affected by dust and moisture
  • Almost 100% flexibility

The AccuLoc6 can make a huge difference to any manufacturing facility. Ready to learn more? Call us at (918) 884-3750 or contact us online to find out how we can help take your facility to the next level.

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