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What Is High-Precision Machining?

Building machine parts is an endeavor where every step of the process has a tiny margin for error. So with the global market expanding, profits shrinking, and customers with more choices than ever before, how can you gain and maintain an edge? 

This is where high-precision machining comes in. High-precision machining is a process that produces metal parts with variances in the single-digit micron range. It is now the preferred method in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronic, and medical.

What Is High-Precision Machining Used For?

High-precision machining is a subtractive process when material is removed from the original to make the final product. This is usually used for making components that demand tight tolerances and a high percentage of accuracy. It is used to make many large and small items and components in our daily lives. If the object is made up of many small parts, it must be precisely machined to ensure they fit together correctly. 

Another general application of precision engineering might be when tools or components need to be mended or renewed. With regular wear and tear, the tools or parts of the object may require machine calibration, grooving or welding to return to their original state. This can also be done by precision machining.

What Are The Advantages of High-Precision Machining?

Technological advancements in high-precision machining continue to be made, and there are some newer benefits that you can enjoy. 

For example, AccuCell6 from Advanced Machine Works is very adaptive because of its interchangeable head and tooling. As a result, it can efficiently perform measurements, setups, and production tasks.

AccuCell6 can scan an unfinished carbon fiber part using a laser measurement tool. AccuCell6 can then adapt the AccuLoc6 work supports to the part and place them precisely in all six axes. Finally, AccuCell6 can change to a cutter head to modify the part using the adaptive design created from the part scan.

AccuCell6 relies on technology, rather than machined bulk steel, to give it precision. Eliminating thousands of pounds of steel needed for other precision gantry systems has made the system more efficient to install and operate. 

Gone are the days of complex and massive foundation systems supporting a precision gantry – AccuCell6 can be installed with minimal foundation requirements. In addition, because AccuCell6 is performing its work without moving much steel, its utility requirements are also lower than comparable systems.

You Can be on The Next Frontier of High-Precision Machining

We have done all the work so that you can launch your company into the future. So get in touch with us at Advanced MW so that we can set you up with your new AccuCell6 and revolutionize your business.

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