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Traditional Flexible Tooling Systems Vs. AccuLoc6

The industries that use flexible tooling systems day in and day out rely on accuracy. Sadly, all too often, traditional flexible tooling systems fail to deliver. 

If you’re operating in the $16 billion aerospace engineering services industry or another similar arena, you know that errors and downtime cause serious expenses. That’s why industries from automotive to marine need AccuLoc6. 

AccuLoc6 is not a traditional flexible tooling system. Instead, it’s the next generation of flexible tooling, providing solutions to flaws in traditional systems that lead to human error, downtime, and lost productivity.

Inaccurate vs. Verifiable

Traditional flexible tooling systems do not feature end effectors that technicians can lock into position. This means each part must be manually measured, which is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and invites errors.

AccuLoc6 provides a range of end effectors, giving operators the choice of 6 degrees of freedom. Verification is carried out using spindle probes and coordinate measuring machines. The result is accurate, predictable results that cost less to achieve in terms of labor costs and limit the scope for human error.

Unreliable vs. Rock Solid Reliability

Are you tired of constantly replacing components in your current tooling systems? When you open them up, they contain a mass of interconnected wiring and tubing. You only need one component to go wrong for the entire system to fail. Electric actuators with linear bearings or hydraulic clamping sleeves often lead to endless rounds of expensive maintenance.

Open up the AccuLoc6, and you’ll find there’s nothing inside. Instead, it uses tried and tested precision-engineered parts with tightening threaded components. 

It’s easy to adjust and just goes on and on, with no moving parts to maintain. There’s so little to go wrong that it hardly ever does go wrong. The AccuLoc6 is also impervious to water and dust.

Unwieldy vs. Flexible

Traditional flexible tooling systems rarely live up to their name. The bigger the system, the more extensive it is to modify, requiring the use of adapters.

By contrast, the AccuLoc6 comes with a suite of end effectors. They provide 6-axis adjustability, which means they can hold parts of most shapes and sizes. End effectors can be changed automatically. Automated positioning and verification ensure you’re ready to work in no time.

Inefficient vs. Streamlined

Traditional systems may only serve a single machine tool. They’re often inflexible and require expensive maintenance. 

The AccuLoc6 is modular and adaptable. You can service several machines with a single AccuLoc6 system. Rather than having a system that operates occasionally, put it to work all day long. 

Both fully-automated and semi-automated systems allow you to reduce labor costs while ensuring accuracy.

Let AccuLoc6 Enhance Your Business

If you’re in the market for a new flexible tooling system, there’s no need to settle for a traditional model. Instead, benefit from reliable, replicable results with AccuLoc6. 

The patent-pending AccuLoc6 is exclusively available from Advanced Machine Works. To learn more about what AccuLoc6 can bring to your business, call us at (918) 884-3750 or get in touch online today.

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