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The Impact of Moisture and Dust on Tooling Systems: Why Durability Matters

Private investment in industrial equipment and machinery will reach $723 billion in 2023. So when your investors back your company’s growth by purchasing new tooling systems, they expect to see serious returns. But every tooling system faces two enemies–moisture and dust.

They may be mundane, but if they aren’t managed proactively, they can wreak havoc with your bottom line. So let’s explore the impact they can have and how innovative flexible tooling systems overcome them.

The Threat of Moisture

Moisture is the enemy of tooling systems, which are constructed of metal. Over time, moisture in the air can cause these parts to corrode, leading to rusting and pitting. This can affect the performance of the machine by making it less accurate–a nightmare for the precision manufacturing industry.

If the tooling system uses hydraulic or pneumatic systems, moisture can also lead to failure. Water mixing with hydraulic fluids can create an acidic, corrosive environment. This leads to early wear, problems with hydraulic fluids such as cavitation and lack of viscosity, and ultimately premature breakdown and failure.

Tooling systems that rely on pneumatics are also susceptible to damage from moisture. If moist air enters the system, it can damage the pistons. In time, this can cause leakage and performance issues.

Finally and unsurprisingly, moisture and electricity are a bad mix. If the atmosphere in your manufacturing facility is too humid, water droplets can collect in electrical components and cause short circuits. This is unsafe for workers, can cause serious downtime, and require expensive repairs.

Dust Damage

Dust may look insignificant, but it matters when you’re tooling parts requiring accuracy down to the micron. Dust leads to abrasion, and abrasion causes several problems for tooling systems: 

  • Increased wear and decreased tool life
  • Parts may jam or get stuck
  • Damage circuit boards

Every manufacturing facility needs a dust management strategy. But what if the solution lies in the tooling system itself?

Welcome to Dust and Moisture Resistant Flexible Tooling Systems

Decades of industry experience and innovation have culminated in the launch of the AccuLoc6 flexible tooling system. As seasoned pros, we understand the frustration, expense, and downtime moisture and dust can cause. And we’ve done something about it.

The AccuLoc6 removes the possibility of problems caused by moisture and dust by containing no moving parts or electronics. There’s no motor to get clogged and fail and no powered parts of any kind. All six axes can be locked in place simply by tightening bolts and threaded components.

When there’s nothing to go wrong, nothing can go wrong. AccuLoc6 is built to last and deliver outstanding accuracy and efficiency year in and year out.

See What AccuLoc6 Can Do For Your Manufacturing Facility

AccuLoc6 has been designed and built by industry experts who understand your challenges. That’s why motors, electronics, and powered parts have been stripped out and replaced with parts that won’t fail.

This means it can function in environments that are too tough for other tooling systems. Are you ready to learn more about what AccuLoc6 could mean for your business? Call us at (918) 884-3750 or contact us online, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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