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The Benefits of Precision Tooling Systems for High-Tolerance Machining

In certain industries, precision matters. For example, millimeters are not what counts in the aerospace, medical, and transportation sectors. A hair’s breadth could make the difference between system failures, product recalls, reputational damage, and sometimes life and death.

High-tolerance machining can produce parts and components that are accurate to within 0.0001 inches (±2.54 micrometers). Achieving this level of precision requires unfailing attention to detail and precision machining. If you want to produce parts of such intricacy time after time, you need a precision tooling system.

Accurate and Reliable

The best precision tooling systems for high-tolerance machining need to be able to produce parts consistently and precisely. Where many systems fail is in their electronics. The more components there are, the more there is to go wrong. In addition, moving parts are prone to breakdown and wear.

AccuLoc6 takes a different approach. It has no electronics, motors, or moving parts of any kind. Instead, it relies on tried-and-true bolts with threaded components to hold them in place. This allows all six axes to be locked rigidly in place. With no moving parts to fail, you get accurate, replicable results time after time.

Eliminate Manual Measurements

Some flexible tooling systems fall down as they do not have lockable end effectors. To verify the system’s accuracy, you need to take repeated manual measurements and can’t rely on spindle probes and other automated technology. The AccuLoc6 features lockable end effectors, allowing you to utilize time-saving measurement devices. This keeps production up while ensuring complete accuracy.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Waste

It may seem that high-tolerance machining must necessarily be less productive than other applications where tolerances are less important. However, with the right precision tooling system in place, it is possible to boost production without sacrificing precision.

Greater accuracy leads to less waste, resulting in cost savings for your business! The AccuCell6 and AccuLoc6  together are a total flexible tooling solution that can produce incredible accuracy and endless flexibility.

Modular and Adaptable

Precision tooling systems are costly and must be used as efficiently as possible to keep costs down while maintaining standards. The AccuLoc6 can service multiple cutting machines and function fully unattended. There’s no need for constant adjustments. As a result, AccuLos6 produces great results while reducing labor costs.

This also boosts the versatility of your facility, allowing you to produce a wide range of components from different materials and for a variety of applications.

Next Level High-Tolerance Machining

High-tolerance machining requires a flexible tooling system that will not let you down. At Advanced Machine Works, we have distilled over 40 years of engineering experience into our two flagship systems: AccuCell6 and AccuLoc6.

When they work in tandem, they can produce results that are reliable, verifiable, and efficient. Their no-moving-parts design means they are unaffected by dust or moisture and are designed to last for decades. They can work with your existing machining cells and facilities and take them to the next level.

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