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How Acculoc6 Offers Advanced Measurement and Inspection Techniques in High Precision Machining

As everyone in the manufacturing industry knows, precision refers to how closely an item adheres to a tolerance within a given dimensions range. Of course, the closer a part is to your specifications, the better the results. With the capability to maintain diameter size, roundness, and cylindricity to sub-micron levels for exceptionally demanding needs, ultra-precision component manufacturing raises the bar on accuracy.

Advanced Machine Works has tackled the need for more accuracy in high precision machining with their new Flexible Tooling System Acculoc6. Let’s look at how they have successfully addressed the need for preciseness in the industry.

Verifiable Positioning

AccuLoc6’s innovative technology can reliably enable verification on its own, eliminating the requirement for manual verification, which creates downtime. In addition, many flexible tooling systems lack locked end effectors, making automated approaches such as spindle probes ineffective. 

On conventional systems, the only way to validate locations is to measure each one physically. AccuLoc6 end effectors are automatically adjusted and locked to necessary places, allowing precise verification using spindle probes and coordinate measurement equipment.

This saves time, is much less labor intensive, and eliminates the risk of human error.

Absolute Reliability

There are no electronics, motors, or powered parts in AccuLoc6 work support assemblies. Instead, all six axes are solidly secured by tightening four bolts and one threaded component.

AccuLoc6 performs in the most demanding situations, remaining unaffected by water, dust, or the passage of time. 

Large tooling systems are usually made up of hundreds of electrical and mechanical components linked together by miles of cabling and tubing.

A single component failure might jeopardize the entire system. Waterjet conditions are very unfriendly, frequently resulting in substantial maintenance issues after only a few years.

Having an Acculoc6 will reduce maintenance costs considerably.

Unparalleled Flexibility

AccuLoc6 reimagines the term “flexible” tooling. A set of end effectors provides 6-axis adjustment and 100% coverage, ensuring that a part of practically any size and shape is held securely. In addition, each end effector is automatically chosen, positioned, and confirmed, decreasing manual input, saving time, and eliminating risk.

Traditional actuators are either manually placed in fixed places or changed using complicated and expensive adapters. Large systems, which can include hundreds of these actuators, are costly and time-consuming to build and vulnerable to human mistakes.

Efficient and Economic

A single AccuLoc6 System can service multiple cutting machines, assembly cells, and transportation platforms. AccuLoc6 is adaptable to any size facility or project and significantly improves asset usage.

This premium fixture-building call includes automated pallet assembly, placement, and verification. It operates autonomously, assuring absolute precision while decreasing operating time and staff costs.

Semi-automated assembly, placement, and verification are all provided by this fixture-building cell. A single attendant oversees the operation, delivering unparalleled cost-effective service.

Because of their size and complexity, the cost of a standard flexible tooling system frequently surpasses the cost of the machine tool it is attached to. In addition, permanent installation necessitates substantial facility modifications and ongoing maintenance expenses. 

All of this for a device that may only be used for a few minutes every day.

Allow AccuLoc6 to Help Grow Your Business

There’s no need to settle for a traditional model if you’re looking for a new flexible tooling system. AccuLoc6 instead provides consistent, predictable outcomes.

Advanced Machine Works is the exclusive provider of the patent-pending AccuLoc6. To learn more about what AccuLoc6 can do for your company, call us at (918) 884-3750 or contact us online now.

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