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Challenges to Flexible Tooling Operations & How to Overcome Them

From environmental factors and human error to logistical limitations and maintenance costs – flexible tooling operations come with an array of potentially costly challenges. As a result, your company needs revolutionary solutions to stay on the cutting edge of the demanding aerospace industry.

Let’s zoom in on just a handful of flexible tooling operations challenges. For each challenge, we’ll highlight how the new AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System offers a real solution to help you make the most of your organization’s precious assets.

Challenge: Making Time-Wasting Manual Adjustments

Traditional machine tooling systems limit actuators to their fixed position, confining them to a single purpose without adding costly adapters. Installation of these actuators and adapters is time-consuming, complicated, and not cost-effective. These systems cannot quickly adapt to a new project’s needs.

Solution: Get a Truly Flexible Tooling System

The AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System has a suite of interchangeable end-effectors with six-axis of freedom. This unrivaled flexibility combines with automated positioning to hold parts of nearly all shapes and sizes. That way, the AccuLoc6 system can adapt to fit the needs and demands of your latest innovations.

Challenge: Suffering Inefficiencies & Errors Due to Manual Verification

Most machine tooling systems do not have locking effectors, requiring manual position verification. Beyond that, this manual verification process is time-consuming and susceptible to human error.

Solution: Automate Flexible Tooling Systems Verification

The AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System uses spindle probes, coordinate measuring machines, and other trusted methods to ensure each effector is properly selected, positioned, and calibrated. In addition, the system will lock all axes in place without requiring manual verification. That way, you can operate with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and confidence.

Challenge: Experiencing Decreased Longevity Due to Harsh Environments

Dusty, wet environments can take a toll on traditional machine tools, increasing maintenance costs and ultimately shortening their lifetime. 

“Influences like temperature variation, drafts, and air humidity can heavily compromise precision,” warns Metal Working World Magazine in reference to machine tools. 

Humid and dusty environments, like the summers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can cause premature wear and tear on tooling systems.

Solution: Find a Durable Flexible Tooling System

The AccuLoc6 tooling system supports assemblies containing no electronics, motors, or powered parts. This innovative design means the system is unaffected by water, dust, and the passage of time. As a result, AccuLoc6 excels in even harsh environments making it suitable for global operations.

Challenge: Maintaining Overly Complex Systems

Traditional machine tooling systems run miles of tubing and wiring and have thousands of electronic and mechanical parts. If just one component fails, the entire operation must shut down for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Solution: Invest in a Simplified Machine Tooling System

Instead of using a complicated network of powered parts, the AccuLoc6 features an elegantly simplified design. This flexible tooling system ditches complex electronic actuators in favor of simple, precision-machined parts built to last. Simplified machines equate to less maintenance and downtime.

Revolutionary High Precision Machining

Advanced Machine Works in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers cutting-edge Flexible Tooling Systems to fill an ever-growing need in the dynamic aerospace industry and beyond. Our patent-pending AccuLoc6 system has been engineered by industry experts to provide revolutionary solutions to the above challenges and more. 

Download a free fact sheet or get in touch to find out more.

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