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7 Industries That Need Precision and Flexible Tooling

Precision positioning systems and flexible Tooling are essential components in the manufacturing process of a variety of industries. These tools allow manufacturers to create the intricate components needed to ensure that their respective products are safe, reliable, and of the highest quality. Here are seven industries that depend on precision and flexible Tooling.

1. Manufacturing Companies

Precision positioning systems and flexible Tooling can be used in various stages of the manufacturing process. For example, companies that produce musical instruments, firearms, and camera equipment rely on automated precision positioning equipment for their products’ assembly, inspection, and testing.

2. Aerospace and Defense Contractors

Only a few industries require more precision than aerospace and defense. Airplanes, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft are designed and engineered down to a fraction of a millimeter to ensure the success of a mission and the safety of the men or women involved. To achieve such precision, flexible tooling systems like the AccuLoc6 system guarantee consistency when a 3D CAD model is converted to a physical component.

3. Medical Device Manufacturers

Every day, medical science makes significant advancements in the equipment used to diagnose and treat patients. Many of these instruments operate on a microscopic level, so to manufacture them, precision positioning systems are needed to create tiny components that are often barely visible to the naked eye. This level of precision gives doctors the confidence they need when handling severe and, in some cases, life-threatening conditions.

4. Automotive Manufacturers

Most modern automotive manufacturers build and assemble their vehicles almost exclusively with robotics and automated machinery. So it’s easy to see why the industry relies heavily on precision and flexible Tooling. This type of assembly equipment reduces overall production time and helps reduce the chance of defects caused by human error.

5. Electronics Manufacturers

The components inside electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, and personal computers are incredibly complex and delicate. According to Intel, the fabrication process for a microprocessor requires about two months to complete and involves “over 300 manufacturing steps”, Most of which involve precision flexible Tooling.

6. Research Institutions

Precision and flexible Tooling are used extensively in product manufacturing. However, this state-of-the-art equipment also plays a large part in the testing and research in many universities and institutions. These laboratories rely on a controlled environment with minimal inconsistencies when working with automated machinery. Precision positioning systems can help provide such an environment.

7. Government Agencies

Government agencies use automated equipment in projects such as military vehicles and spacecraft development to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Thanks to precision positioning systems, They can perform tasks quickly and with high accuracy, reducing errors and defects. Automated equipment can also safely perform dangerous or technical tasks, which helps lower labor costs and increase production.

Revolutionary Precision Machining Equipment

If you are involved in one of the industries mentioned on this list and are interested in enhancing your organization’s research and manufacturing abilities, we encourage you to check out  AccuCell6 and Acculoc6 systems from Advanced Machine Works. These state-of-the-art precision positioning systems were designed to handle the production of the world’s most demanding monolithic parts. If you have questions about precision machining equipment or are curious about how Advanced Machine Works can revolutionize your CNC or automation processes, please feel free to contact us

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