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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Flexible Tooling System

Better machine tooling systems are in high demand on a global scale. With more manufacturing than ever and an ever-changing industry due to technological advancements, companies in the aerospace field and beyond are scrambling to keep pace. 

What can upgrading your flexible tooling system do for your operations and bottom line? Let’s talk about five ways the AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System can change the way you operate for the better.

1. Boost Operational Flexibility

Despite the name, existing flexible tooling technology is actually acutely limited in flexibility. It takes time-intensive labor to pivot a traditional flexible tooling system from one application to the next. Large systems with hundreds of manually-installed actuators in fixed positions cannot easily be swapped to a new task without significant downtime and purchasing expensive adapters to suit the demands of the next project.

The AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System supplies you with cutting-edge technology to keep up with your innovations. With a suite of interchangeable end-effectors, you’ll be able to hold parts of all dimensions, adapting operations to your latest and greatest projects without wasting precious resources.

2. Eliminate Time Wasting Manual Processes

Traditional flexible tooling systems rely heavily on time-consuming manual verification processes to ensure accuracy. However, adding the human element increases the likelihood of error. 

“Advancements in hardware and software are changing the machine tool industry,” predicts Machine Tools World magazine. “Industry trends in the coming years are likely to focus on these advancements, especially as they pertain to automation.”

True to these trends, the AccuLoc6 system cuts down inefficiencies with automated verification, expediting the process while increasing accuracy.

3. Minimize Maintenence Demands

Complex machine tooling systems are traditionally composed of thousands of working pieces. Failure of just one component can freeze operations and cause costly downtime while troubleshooting and repairing the system. Beyond that, the powered components of traditional systems are susceptible to wear and tear from dust, moisture, and other environmental threats.

AccuLoc6 actuators can endure even the intensity of waterjet environments with no powered parts, electronics, or motors. Plus, the simple design of these dynamic parts makes them virtually maintenance-free.

4. Maximize Production While Using Less Space

In today’s market, aerospace companies must make the most of every square foot of space. Traditional machine tooling systems come with a large footprint and no longer represent the best use of space. 

Upgrading your system to AccuLoc6 allows you to optimize your real estate. A single system can service multiple assembly cells, cutting machines, and transportation platforms. Plus, AccuLoc 6 can adapt to any size of facility or project and does not require costly renovations.

5. Save Money, Boost Efficiency

While investing in an entirely new system may not seem cost-effective at first glance, you may be pleasantly surprised by the value and ROI AccuLoc6 can bring your operations. 

AccuLoc6 comes at a fraction of the cost of complex traditional systems. Beyond the initial investment, you’ll save in labor, time, space, and other costly assets. Plus, you’ll boost the accuracy, efficiency, reliability, longevity, and overall quality of your operations.

AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System

The AccuLoc6 Flexible Tooling System has been thoughtfully engineered to address all five of the above reasons for upgrading. This unparalleled system, brought to you by Advanced Machine Works in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was designed with a deep understanding of the limitations of traditional systems and a desire to revolutionize the machine tooling industry. 

Ready to upgrade your flexible tooling system? Get in touch, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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